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My name is Laura Raushel, the owner of NetChecks. I have over 20 years experience in the day to day operations and challenges of running a small business.

I've experienced much of the struggles you are probably facing now. I hope to be able to provide encouragement as well as a proven method of financial reporting for your small business. NetChecks is committed to fair and honest business practices and I hope that my expertise in small business accounting can be of help to you in your venture.

If you have any questions about my company or services, please feel free to contact me by email.

NetChecks is a low-cost, on-line payroll and bookkeeping service offering small business owners an affordable, off-site accounting department.

NetChecks provides an innovative approach to payroll services keeping you in compliance with the current payroll tax rates, governmental reporting and electronic commerce requirements as well as accurate, on-time filing of payroll tax returns. Also offered are affordable, flat rate bookkeeping services to keep you "tax and audit ready" with up-to-date financial reports.

It is NetChecks' objective to help start-ups and smaller businesses by providing low-cost accounting services with fully-disclosed charges.

NetChecks also offers all customers free set up on all services so you pay only for actual payroll and bookkeeping services.

NetChecks' payroll services are designed for small businesses who don't yet need a payroll/bookkeeping staff and would rather not pay the high prices charged by traditional payroll companies like ADP, Payroll 1, etc.


After completing the enrollment form and receiving confirmation, simply e-mail, fax or call employee's total hours worked or salary amounts to NetChecks.

You will receive each employee's check stub with complete earnings statement by return email, fax or postal service. Earnings statements include gross and net pay, year-to-date earnings, all federal and state deductions and any insurance premium or 401K deductions initiated by your company.

Simply attach a copy of the check stub to your company's check written for the net amount to each employee or request a 3-part check stub that can be printed directly onto your own check stock. Once the checks are written and distributed, payroll is done.

We also offer direct deposit from your company account to your employee's personal bank accounts (checking or savings). Direct deposits require a two (2) business day lead time before wages are deposited in the employee's account.

All tax liabilities are accounted for by NetChecks and reported to you each payroll period.

NetChecks will make every effort to return pay stubs to you by return email or fax within 24 hours but you can usually expect them within a few hours. In the unlikely event that there is going to be a delay, you will be notified by e-mail or telephone within those 24 hours. Upon confirmation of your enrollment, whether it be for payroll or bookkeeping or both, you will receive a confirmation email from NetChecks and a follow-up phone call if a number is provided.

Bookkeeping services include monthly reporting of all pertinent financial information and can be tailored to your specific needs. Standard monthly reports include cash disbursements, cash receipts, bank reconciliations, current inventory, current accounts payable and receivable reports and a monthly profit & loss statement. You will be asked to provide NetChecks with updated financial information, i.e., check registers, sales totals, etc. on a weekly basis for steady preparation of month end reports. You will then receive a complete set of records by the 25th of every month for the preceding month's activity. Bookkeeping services are offered on a flat rate per month. NetChecks requires no set-up charges, simply fill out the enrollment form and receive confirmation of your enrollment by return e-mail within 24 hours.


Each payroll period you will receive your company's tax liabilities with instructions on how to fill out the payment coupons, where to send or take the payments and when they are due. NetChecks can arrange to have your federal and state tax payments paid electronically upon request (once a month for monthly depositors and twice a month for semi-monthly depositors).

Along with the tax information, you will also receive a payroll journal listing each payroll stub with the corresponding deductions for your records. We recommend you keep these reports in a 3-ring binder so that you have complete payroll records on file at all times.

Quarterly reconciliation reporting is required by both federal and state agencies. These completed reports will be automatically submitted to each agency by NetChecks at the end of each quarter and a copy mailed to you for your records.

Year-end reporting will be handled much the same way except W-2's will be sent to you for review before being submitted to the Social Security Administration. After reviewing, distribute to your employees and e-mail or call NetChecks with the OK for submission.

A law recently enacted requires employers to register all new employees to comply with the Welfare Reform Act. NetChecks will report all new hires upon receiving your new employee's information.


Upon receipt of your business activity updates*, NetChecks will provide you with monthly reports summarizing the information. These updates* should include: a copy of your checkbook register (with as detailed memos as possible) and a copy of your bank statement for performing the bank reconciliation; a list of invoices sent out or total sales for the week, if you would like NetChecks to maintain a current accounts receivable (accrual accounting) if not, your sales will be accounted for when payments are received (cash accounting); a list of incoming bills, if you would like NetChecks to maintain a current accounts payable (accrual accounting) if not, your bills will be accounted for at the time they are paid (cash accounting).

This information can be sent by mail, fax, or e-mail if you have a scanner.

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